Documents on embedded technology by Doug Stead

Enclosure mission: To serve and protect - A review of the benefits to having a good enclosure for hardware.

PC/104-based kidney preservation machine: A virtual collaborative venture - An explanation of the inner workings and impact of a PC/104-based kidney preservation machine.

Electronic Products and Technology, March/April 2002. - A review of what companies look for in single board computer specs.

Embedded Design with the MZ104 - A discussion about the MachZ chip and MZ104 board.

GPS: A Military Technological Wonder the World over - A discussion of how GPS technology has gone from military use to civilian use and back to military use.

EP&T: Real-time Linux/GNU: Free open-source embedded alternative - An article on the usefulness of Linux/GNU software for embedded operating systems.

Coming of age: A trinity of technology PC/104 - Linux - GPS - A discussion of the integration of PC/104 and the MZ104 that uses it with Linux and GPS technology.