• Personal Details:
  • Birth Place: Barrie, Ontario
  • Date of Birth: 6/19/1954 (54 years of age)
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Name of Spouse: Sharon
  • Children: None
  • Occupation: Serial Entrepreneur
  • Education:
  • Burnaby North High School
  • Various courses at Douglas College, BCIT and SFU
  • Lecturer at U of Cork Ireland, both Medical School and Dept of Applied Psychology on the subject of Technology enabled Child Sexual Abuse and Prevention
  • Career Background -- Founder & CEO or BoD Chairman of:
  • Tri-M Systems Inc.
  • NuPak Development Corp. DBA Tri-M Engineering
  • Tri-M Aviation Inc.
  • Galt Air Inc.
  • Tri-M Wireless Inc.

Doug Stead, Serial Entrepreneur

Doug Stead is a Founder, Co-Founder, CEO and President who has created numerous successful companies in a wide range of markets including technology, aviation, wireless communications, real estate and law enforcement education.

The two largest enterprises to date in the Tri-M group of companies are: Tri-M Systems Inc., a systems integrator and distributor; and Tri-M Engineering (legal name - NuPak Development Corp.), a high tech design and manufacturing company. Doug Stead founded Tri-M Systems in 1983 and he is still the only shareholder. From his early success with Tri-M Systems he saw several opportunities to manufacture proprietary products. He formed Tri-M Engineering with several partners, all of whom still work at the company.

Tri-M currently has 32 full-time and roughly 8 part-time employees, and occupies 20,000 square feet in Port Coquitlam, a suburb of Vancouver, BC, Canada. The company also has sales offices in Toronto, Ontario.

Tri-M focuses on hardware and operating systems, not application software. Many of Tri-M's best customers are the companies that write industry specific application software to be installed and run on Tri-M's embedded systems. The ideal market opportunities for Tri-M are medium volume applications, ideally hundreds of units per year, where reliability and performance are most important. These applications tend to have long product life cycles. Tri-M has thousands of loyal, repeat customers all over the world. These relationships are built on trust and long-term mutual success.

Doug's companies have provided well paying employment for high school and university students over the last 15 years. Working with School District 43, three to five students a year have been given work full time in the off semester and part-time during the school term. The main requirement in this program is that every student presents his or her marks to Doug after each term. The results of poor achievement are a reduction in part time hours. Almost all of these employees have gone through to completion of post secondary degrees with two going all the way through to achieving PhDs.